We are disinfecting all our products.

You may be hearing news that Korea is being affected by corona virus from China. Luckily we are safe and there is no corona virus here yet. But for those customers who are anxious, we are disinfecting all our products. The following is the process of disinfection we are doing.

We use virus disinfection solution certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration. This solution removes various viruses, super bacteria and influenza. We have prepared this solution in plenty.
  • prepare a disinfected towel and solution.
  • Sprinkle the solution so that the towel gets wet.
  • Use a towel to wipe the product with solution.

Contact lenses were produced by automated machines. Wipe the surface of the box with the product already vacuum packed and sterilized.

The same applies to the contact lens case. These contact lens cases were produced before August 2019.

We do our best to disinfect our products so that our customers can rest assured. We will ship after sterilization without any single product.

Thank you.

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