What is the water content of contact lenses?

Water content: the moisture content of contact lenses. Because contact lenses can be made directly into the eyes, they must contain moisture to make contact lenses moisturized and accessible without irritation. Usually, contact lenses that contain more than 50% moisture are called contact lenses that have a high moisture content and contact lenses that contain less than 50% moisture are called low water content. The moisture content of contact lenses is related to how long they can keep your eyes comfortable. Therefore, water content is essential to finding contact lenses that fit you. 

What is the water content of contact lenses?

Then, Is it good contact lenses when the number of water content in contact lenses is high?

Not exactly. A high number of water content may or may not suit you. There are several variables when you choose a contact lens (base curve, contact lens diameter, oxygen permeability, water content, etc.) but water content determines how long the contact lens will stay in your eyes without any discomfort. The high water content of contact lenses means that they want to stay moist. Because contact lenses contain a lot of water, they are also good for wearing. But in other words, it also means that it takes a lot of water from the eye. Therefore, the higher the moisture content, the better the initial feeling of use of the eyes and the less inconvenience at the beginning of use.

Instead, people who lack tears get dry faster when they use it for a long time. Appropriate use time for contact lenses with high water content counts is about 8 hours. Conversely, contact lenses with low water content may be slightly uncomfortable to initial wear, but they may be less dry to wear for longer periods of time because they take away less moisture from the eyes during prolonged use. However, it is not absolute because it can be caused by the thickness of the contact lens, the fitting condition of the contact lens’ eyes, and the material of the contact lens.

Which contact lenses are high in water content?

Daily contact lenses usually have a high number of water content, and Bi-weekly or Monthly contact lenses have low water content. As mentioned above, low water content numbers can take away less moisture from the eyes, which can be worn longer, and have a cost advantage. However, contact lenses that are used for more than two weeks can be thicker and more uncomfortable to wear than Daily contact lenses. I recommend daily contact lenses to be replaced as much as possible because they can cause cornea deformation in the event of side effects (although the variables will vary from person to person). 

There are many variables in the choice of contact lenses. Get a safe and personal contact lens recommended by a professional. Show us the prescription for contact lenses from your doctor, and Pixel-eye.com will recommend a contact lens that fits you.

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